Custom Button in Report

by BellaDati
for BellaDati 2.8 and newer

Add one or more buttons with your own links and design to report. It is possible to change the color and size of the button. The button can have various functions:

  • link to a form associated to the report (see example in Usage)
  • link to an external website associated to the report
  • link to another report, dashboard etc.
Custom Button in Report


Version Unlimited
Number of Users Unlimited*
Price Free

*limited to the number of users of the BellaDati license


Currently not available for download. Please contact for information how to get and use this extension.


Usage of this extension can be demonstrated on our sample use case. Demo is available on our Partners Portal – 2016 HR Workforce Management.

In this case, the button links to a form which is used for collecting data about employee interviews. With this button the user can easily open a new form and submit data which are immediately displayed in the report.